Frequently Asked Questions

  1. KFA is for anyone even though our focus is on young men who normally would be headed to college.

  2. We train people how to be a successful entrepreneur based on Kingdom principles (Matthew 6:33). As well, we train Kingdom Freedom Academy Disciples (KFAD) how to successfully share our very valuable software so they can earn a lucrative residual income!

  3. Rather than young men leaving home and their church and incurring a substantial debt for themselves or their parents, KFA allows them to stay at home while learning how to become a successful Kingdom Entrepreneur!

  4. KFA not only provides a biblical solution to becoming an entrepreneur, but it also includes licenses of our software (See the BONUSES section) so that those attending KFA can easily recoup their fee to join KFA.

  5. Click Here to learn about just 1 of the many software tools provided that are desperately needed by many businesses and marketers.

  6. Yes you can however the income can be considerably less because we have automated the ability to earn when referring other Kingdom Freedom Academy Disciples.

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